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1. 10.1 and 0.03 sh - Figure 4. (e) Celculate minimurs force get the black mowing 00 Whot ence slarbs 2. At takeoff a commercial jet has a 75.0 m/s speed. Its tires have diameter of 0.400 m. (a) At how many rpm are the tires rotating? rpm (b) What is the centripetal acceleration at the edge of the tire? m/s² (c) With what force must a determined 10 15 kg bacterium cling to the rim? N (d) Take the ratio of this force to the bacterium's weight. (force from part (c) bacterium's weight) Additional Materials Reading 3. What is the ideal speed to take a 85 m radius curve banked at a 40.0° angle? m/s Additional Materials Reading 4. If car takes banked curve at less thas the ideal speed, friction needed to keep from silding toward the inside of the curve (a real problem on ky mountain roads). (a) Calculate the ideal speed to take 115 radus curve banked at 15*. mis (b) What the minimum coefficient of friction needed for frightened driver to take the same curve at 25.0 km/h7 Additional Materials - Reading 5. Astrology that usilkely and sague pseufoscience, much of the position of the planets the mament birth The anly known funce planet exerts earth gravitational the gravitational force exerted - 0.00 Dally by 0.150 m away bith (assisting close). Calculate fonce on the baby due to Jupiter FR closest the earth, some 6.29: 1011 showing in be comparatio father The of Jupiber about 1.90% Other objecti in the room hospital buliding also exert almiliar grevitational forces (DI course, there could bean unksows force octing but finst need be convinced that there effed. much less that an anknows force causes R.) N 6. A contestant wirter games event palis block of ice across with repe over his shoulder shown Figura the coefficient static friction 0.1 and the coefficient of kinetic oh - a) Calculate manimum force

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