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1. A fan blade, initially at rest, rotates with a constant acceleration of 0.025 radians/s/s. What is its final rotational velocity at the instant it goes through an rotational displacement of 4.2 radians? a. 0.025 rad/s b. 0.11 rad/s c. 0.46 rad/s d. 1.2 rad/s 2. A ventilation fan has blades 0.25 m in radius rotating at 20 radians/s. What is the tangent speed (or velocity) of each blade tip? a. 0.02 m/s b. 0.52 m/s c. 5.0 m/s d. 20 m/s 3. The distance from the center of a Ferris wheel to a passenger seat is 12 m. What centripetal acceleration does a passenger experience when the wheel rotational speed (velocity) is 0.5 radians/s ? a. 16.9 m/s/s b. 9.0 m/s/s c. 3.0 m/s/s d. 6.0 m/s/s 4. Which of the following properties best describes the property of the period of orbital revolution for an Earth satellite? a. Greater when the orbital radius is smaller b. Greater when the orbital radius is larger c. Independent of the orbital radius d. Determined mainly by the satellite's mass 5. Consider two planets that gravitationally attract each other. If the mass of one of them is stays the same and the mass of the other is doubled and the distance between them is doubled, then the force between them changes by what factor ? (Hint ! Consider Newton's Law of gravity) a. Doubled c. Tripled b. Quadrupled d. Half as much

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