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P 1 (projective motion). A bullet is fired from the gun barrel upward at an angle a to the horizontal with an initial speed of 220 m/s (see Figure below). The distance from the gun barrel to the target on the same horizontal is x = 3000 m. (a) For what value of angle a a bullet will reach the target? (b) How long does it take a bullet to reach the target? y A - y or a 2 target to Vy X (Hint: use the equation for the horizontal range in projectile motion). P 2 (gravity). Assume the Earth is a perfect sphere. Using the known radius of the Erath, TE = 6370 km, and the universal gravitational constant G = 6.674-10 N-m2/kg², find the mass and the average density of the Earth. P 3 (mechanical energy and work). Two balls, masses 6.0k and 3.4 kg, moving in opposite directions at 4.1 m/s and 3.5 m/s respectively, collide. After the collision the heavier ball is moving in the same direction as before at 0.4 m/s. With what velocity is the second ball moving ? (Hint: draw simple diagram of the balls before and after the collision). 1

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