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1) Texas Motor Speedway is an intermediate-sized quad oval racetrack in Forth Worth. The track is 1.44 miles long, with a 2250 ft front end and a 1130 ft back end, and the turns have a radius of 750 ft. The front end is shaped somewhat like a trapezoid so that the track is not a full oval, however the pit road cuts behind the front end creating a complete oval shape. What is the area in the oval inside the oval made by cutting the track with the pit road [in square feet (ft2)]? 2) In equilibrium the salinity of a water column of area 30 cm2 and height 91 cm tall reduces linearly from 87 g/kg (grams of salt per kilogram of water) at the bottom to 19 g/kg at the top. Assuming that the density of water molecules remains constant throughout the water column, what is mass of the salt water in the column? (Answer must be in appropriate SI unit)

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