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Review of Paper titled: “Nanostructured superhard films as typical nanomaterials”

• Provide value-added commentary/critique of the paper
• Do not provide a verbatim copy of the paper while answering the questions below. You may use the technical terminology within the paper
• You may use textbooks, web search engines, etc. to clarify technical terminology used in this paper

1. Provide a one page summary of this paper
2. What are the different methods of producing thin films? Which method is preferred with regard to this paper? Clearly explain why.
3. What are the different types of thin films as related to their structure (not chemical composition) reviewed in this paper?
4. Explain the experimental setup, characterization tools and chemical composition of thin films produced by the author in this paper.
5. Explain the hardness results of thin films and draw insight from these. Contrast thin films hardness produced by different methods and the reasons for the differences in their resulting thin-film hardness values.
6. Explain the differences in deformation results of thin films obtained during indentation tests for the different types of thin film materials.
7. What are the different factors that affect nanomaterial thin film properties? Specifically, briefly explain the effect of magnetic field on thin film properties.

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1. The paper “Nanostructured superhard films as typical nanomaterials” by Mr. Andrievski tackled the use of film samples as nanomaterials, discussed its characteristics and provided brilliant insights on its advantages including the deformation of TiN and TiB2 films during indentation, as well as the galvamagnetic properties of TiN films. It was particularly worth noting that the nanograined structures are difficult to obtain in bulk samples, but are readily available in film samples.

Several methods for the fabrication of nanomaterials were introduced in the paper. These methods are Power Technology, Controlled Crystallization, Films/Coats/Layers and Plastic Deformation. Among these methods, the Powder Technology is said to be widely used by most manufacturers. However, the author highly prefers the Films/Coats/Layers Method for it offers the diversity of the nanomaterials in terms of their composition, structure and purity. The method also presents a possibility to formulate pore-free samples in a vast interval of crystallite sizes including amorphous state and multilayer nanostructures.

The experimental set-up for this research utilized the method of arc deposition, and magnetron non-reactive d.c./r.f. sputtering to characterize the properties of multilayer and monolayer nanostructured films. The film composition and structure were distinguished through the use of advanced technology such as X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, as well as high resolution versions and atomic force microscopy. The electrical, mechanical and magnetic properties of these films were also investigated in the research....

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