Meteorology Today 10th edition (introduction to weather)

Questions Chapter 2

1- In the Northern Hemisphere, why are summers warmer than winters, even though the earth is actually closer to the sun in January?

2- What are the main factors that determine seasonal temperature variations?

3- During the Northern Hemisphere`s summer, the daylight hours in northern latitudes are longer than in middle latitudes. Explain why northern latitudes are not warmer.

4- If it is winter and January in New York City, what is the season in Sydney, Australia?

8- What are some of the factors that determine the daily fluctuation of air temperature just above the ground?

9- Explain how incoming enery and outgoing energy regulate the daily variation in air temperature.

11- Explain why the warmest time of the day is usually in the afternoon, even though the sun`s rays are most direct at noon.

12- Explain how radiation-al cooling at night produces a radiation temperature inversion.

13- What weather conditions are best suited for the formation of a cold night and a strong radiation inversion?

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1) This is due to the tilt of the axis. The northern hemisphere is pointed away from the Sun in January and the southern hemisphere is pointed toward the Sun. Because of this the southern hemisphere receives much more of the light and heat from the Sun regardless of the distance.

2) The combination of the axis tilt mentioned above with the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun. These two factors affect the strength of the Sun's light as well as the number of daylight hours for various parts of the Earth's surface....
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