Meteorology Today 10th edition (introduction to weather)

Questions Chapter 4

1- Briefly explain the movement of water in the hydro-logic cycle.

2- Basically, how do the three states of water differ?

3- What are the primary factors that influence evaporation?

4- Explain why condensation occurs primarily when the air is cooled.

5- How are evaporation and condensation related to saturated air above a flat water surface?

8- In a volume of air, how does the actual vapor pressure differ from the saturation vapor pressure? when are they the same?

9- What does saturation vapor pressure primarily depend upon?

6) a) What is the dew - point temperature?

    b) How is the difference between dew point and air temperature related to the relative humidity?

18) How can a region have a high specific humidity and a low relative humidity? give an example.

19) Why is the air from the gulf of Mexico so much more humid than air from the pacific Ocean at the same latitude?

20) How are the dew - point temperature and wet - bulb temperature different? Can they ever read the same? explain.

21) When outside air is brought indoors on a cold winter day, the relative humidity of the heated air inside often drops below 25 present. explain why this situation occurs.

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1) Water evaporates from the surface of oceans and lakes. It condenses in the air and then falls back to the Earth. It drains across the terrain and flows back into a lake or possibly the ocean. Now it is ready to be evaporated again.

2) In the solid phase the molecules are fixed in a lattice. In the liquid phase they can be held together by surface tension. In the gas phase they are completely dissociated from one another.

3) (a) More wind increases the amount of evaporation....
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