1- What is an adiabatic process?

2- Why are moist and dry adiabatic rates of cooling different?

3- Under what conditions would the moist adiabatic rate of cooling be almost equal to the dry adiabatic rate?

4- Explain the difference between environmental lapse rate and dry adiabatic rate?

5- How would one normally obtain the environmental lapse rate?

6- What is a stable atmosphere and how can it form?

7- Describe the general characteristics of cloud associated with stable and unstable atmospheres?

8- List and explain several processes by which a stable atmosphere can be made unstable?

9- If the atmosphere is conditionally unstable, What condition is necessary to bring on instability?

10- Why are cumulus clouds more frequently observed during the afternoon than at night?

11- Explain why rain shadows form on the leeward side of mountains?

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1) An adiabatic process is one in which no heat is transferred into or away from the system. Note that this is not an isothermal process. An isothermal process takes place at constant temperature while an adiabatic process is not required to do so.

2) The moist adiabatic rate of cooling is less than the dry adiabatic rate of cooling because moist air rising condenses out its water vapor (once saturation is attained). This condensation releases heat which results in a slower rate than if no condensation took place (cooling dry adiabatically).

3) The two rates become more similar as the air becomes cooler....

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