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Homework 7: Wave properties of light The Michelson interferometer produces interference fringes by splitting a beam of monochcomatic light into two. One beam is reflected by a fixed mirror; the other is reflected by a movable mirror. When the two beams are brought back together, an interference pattern can be Scen. Movable mirror with precise micrometer drive. Half-silvered mirror passes half of light and m reflects half to the movable mirror Diffuse Fixed monochromatic mirror light source Observer sees interference Compensation plate of same pattern of recombined thickness and material as beams which have traveled mirrored plate so that the a different distance. beams on both arms pass through the same thickness of glass. The Michelson interferometer can be used to accurately meaSure the wavelength of light The micrometer Screw on the movable mirror allows displacing it by a Small distance and measuring this displacement. Displacement of the movable mirror leads to a change in the distance that one of the beams travels, and therefore to a change in the phaSe difference between the two beams at the point of obServation. If the movable mirror is displaced by distance Ax and. as this displacement occurs, the intenSity of light at the obServation point goes from a maximum to a minimum value and back N times, what is the wavelength of light? (Derive your result.) How many timeS would the intenSity of light at the obServation point alternate between maxima and minima if the wavelength were reduced by a factor of two?

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