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Part IV
Purpose: In this activity, your goal is to apply your research and experimental findings to the real-world issue of cell phone safety.
Introduction: Now that you have completed your investigation of atomic and nuclear physics, it is time to relate your learning to the real-world issue of cell phone safety.
Based on your experimental results showing how radiation changes over distance, create an informative report about how people can more safely use their cell phones. You can complete this activity independently, or with a partner.
1. Gather research about how the public is currently made aware of cell phone radiation levels and safety. Your research can be done on the Internet, in libraries, or at a cell phone retail store by conducting a brief interview with a salesperson.
2. In your research, address the following questions:
A. How is cell phone radiation measured, and which phones tend to present a particularly high or low risk due to these radiation levels? (For example, you could create High Risk and Low Risk lists of cell phones models for consumers).
B. Are the dangers of cell phone radiation made accessible and clear to the public?

3. Distance from the source of radiation has been proven to reduce the strength of that radiation. Find evidence to justify this statement. You may select scientific articles or possibly your own work in this course. If using an outside source, make sure you cite your sources following the MLA Style guide.
A. What evidence did you collect to show that certain actions would help people avoid strong exposure to radiation?
B. Based on the evidence you have collected, what can people do to use their cell phones more safely?

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There has been tremendous increase in the use of cell phones all over the world. In December 2014, there were 327.5 million cell phone users in the US while there were 100 million in the year 2000. The International Telecommunications Union estimates a global subscription of 5 billion cell phones. Also, the number of calls made per day and the time spent by people on their cell phones are increasing at an alarming rate. It is estimated that 20 million children in the US have cell phones [5].This report helps to throw light on the potential hazards of cell phone radiation and their measurement, need for implementation of proper public awareness, general idea regarding high risk and low risk cell phones and measures to be taken for safe usage of cell phones.
Health Hazards Caused by Cell Phones
Cell phones emit radio-frequency waves, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and frequency between 30 kHz to 300 GHz. Radio waves are non-ionizing in nature but they can cause heating of the body tissues which are close to the antennae of cell phones like those of the head and ear. It is also estimated that radio waves can affect the glucose metabolism of...

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