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1.) Speed and acceleration are actually
a. one and the same concept, but expressed differently.
b. rates of one another.
c. entirely different concepts.
d. expressions of distance traveled.
2.) The science that is basic to the other sciences is
a. physics.
b. chemistry.
c. biology.
d. astronomy.
3.) For a hypothesis to be scientific, it must
a. be in agreement with what we know is true.
b. have a test for proving it right/wrong
c. be based on an existing scientific theory.
4.) In a vacuum tube, a feather is seen to fall as fast as a coin. This is because
a. gravity doesn't act in a vacuum.
b. air resistance doesn't act in a vacuum.
c. greater air resistance acts on the coin.
d. gravity is greater in a vacuum.
5.) The Earth moves about 30 km/s relative to the sun. But when you jump upward in front of a wall, the wall doesn't slam into you at 30 km/s. A good explanation for why it doesn't is that
a. the sun's influence on you is negligible.
b. the air in the room is also moving.
c. both you and the wall are moving at the same speed, before, during, and after your jump.
d. the inertia of you and the wall is negligible compared with that of the sun.
6.) According to Aristotle and his followers over centuries, force was need to keep a mass in motion. The first to expand and improve on this concept was
a. Copernicus.
b. Galileo.
c. Newton.
d. Einstein.
7.) When a net force acts on an object, its acceleration depends on the object's
a. initial speed
b. mass
c. volume.
8.) An object will accelerate when
a. = 0.
b. it is unbalanced.
c. it is pushed or pulled with a net force.
d. its mass increases.
9.) The reason a 20-kg rock falls no faster than a 10-kg rock in free fall is that
a. air resistance is negligible.
b. the force of gravity on both is the same.
c. their speeds are the same.
d. the force/mass ratio is the same.
10.) What happens to momentum when you triple the velocity of the mass of an object
a. one third as much.
b. one half as much.
c. third as much.
d. No change
11.) True or False: Your weight on Mars is different that your weight on the Moon.
12.) True or False: Newton's third law explains why forces are coupled
13.) The speed of a bullet fired from a gun will be about the same as the speed of the recoiling gun
A) when momentum is conserved.
B) because velocity is conserved.
C) when both velocity and momentum are conserved.
D) if the masses of the bullet and gun are equal.
E) none of the above
14.) The impulse-momentum relationship is a direct result of
A) Newton's first law. B) Newton's second law. C) Newton's third law.
15.) A Mack truck and a Mini Cooper traveling at the same speed collide head-on. The vehicle to undergo the greatest change in velocity will be the
A) Mini Cooper. B) Mack truck. C) same
16.) An elephant and a feather fall from a tree through the air to the ground below. The force of air resistance is greater on the
A) elephant. B) feather. C) same on each.
17.) Burl and Paul have a total weight of 1300 N. The tensions in the ropes that support the scaffold they stand on add to 1700 N. The weight of the scaffold itself must be
A) 400 N. B) 500 N. C) 600 N. D) 800 N.
18.) Fido weighs 120 N and carries Trixie who weighs 40 N on her back. The support force on Fido's feet is
A) 40 N. B) 120 N.
C) 160 N.D) more than 160 N.
19.) True or False. When a mass moves around in a circle, the velocity vector is constant.
20.) True or False. Experimentation and verification is the distinguishing factor between a philosophy and a science
21.) Find the net force produced by a - -5N force and a 35N force in each of the following cases:
(a) Both forces act in the same direction.
(b) The two act in opposite directions.
22.) Suppose that you are standing on a skateboard near a wall and that you push on the wall with a force of-4N. How hard does the wall push on you? If your mass is 10kg, what is your acceleration from the wall?
23.) A 1000 kg car crashes into a wall at 88 Tr and is brought to rest in 3 sec. What is the impulse supplied to the car to bring it to rest? What is the acceleration? What is the initial and final momentum of this car?
24.) What is the initial and final momentum of this car in problem 23.
25.) Suppose a 4kg mass is on top of a clipp. The mass is then kicked off the cliff and slams into the ground in 5 seconds. How high is this cliff?

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