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Wave Problem Solving 1. Awavegenerator produces 20 pulses in 5 seconds Calculate the period and frequency of these pulses. Period, Frequency, 2. When finding relationship between frequency and the length tube needs tobe to make the sound loud, atubeispartially submerged it water so that the botton end of the thei the water while thetopendstyysopen Ifthe speed of soundi 340m/s what wouldbe shortes length oftube neededts make 494 Hztuning fork sound louder? L 3. Apanicular organ pipe is OPEN on both ends What the shortest length the tube wouldneed frequency of 260 Ha would sound louder ?Use 343mis for speed sound air (What anount the wavelengeh would the tube be?) L 7.Aperson standing the side ofaroadand playing trumpet. You are In a car and driving away from the other person a 22 m/s. lithe person plays frequency of 440 Hz, what frequency do you hear? f GO BACK AND DO THE #3 GRAPHING QUESTION BEFORE TRYING THIS BONUS Bonus How long does closed tube need resonate 0.16 r wavelength 2nd resonant position? r L 1. Outside two boards are clapped by person the distance. It takes an average of .74see for the "clap' sound reach the listeners who are 250m away. Find the experimental speedo sound outside (Show work) speed, 2. In Excel, writing equations the 2nd row allowed for the program to do the calculations. When given the notes, frequencies and speed sound, show how write the equation that will make Excel calculate wavelength in meters tube lengthin meters, tube lengthi In Row Cell D write and the equation that will calculate the wavelength (in meters). In Row Cell E write en=and the equation that will calculate the Tube Length meters) In Row Cell F write equation tha will convert belengthin meter tocentim aters. n Rows and4, use the values for columns ,and F - Note Speed(in/s) Wavelength(m) Tube Length(m) Tube Length(cm) cell'A le equations C/ 343 -do the math 4 C2 343 K math 3. DOTHIS BACK AT THE END. When finding the relationship between frequency and the tube partially submerged i water so that the bottom end while top end stays open. Different tuning forks are chosen and the shortest resonates ismeasured. for 128Hz, 256Hz was 33cm, 512Hz was 16.5cm, 6.Scm for 1250Hz, 2048Hz 4.5cm -Table. Graph the data Quick Grapher As bonus. linearize. sketch below (label and Y sketch thegraph (label) the shortest "full length shoes. d. How e. How SOME USEFUL VALUES: air n=1 Speed of light ir 2. Calculate the CREDIT n. c v 3. Calculate the critical angle for light moving from diamond SHOW WORK TO RECEIVE CREDIT. n, n. e, e. 4. You have stone on t and you'd like to lee determine into stone angli of Para maler 40' to the normal. The stone refracts light at an angle f 21.3 from the akohol normal Whatis index frefraction... what type of Estone on the Quartz SHOW WORK TORECEIVE CREDIT Material 5. An underwater diver the ocean shines flashlight toward the surface of the water at an angle of 30 degrees to the normal Calculate the refracted anglein air. SHOW WORK TO RECEIVE CREDIT. n. n. 0. 6 Bonus:Light travels through substance la a speed of 10the lithe light substance 1 and strikes the surface of substance atan angle of 47° will refract into substance 2at anangle 534° What is the critical angle for light movine from substance 2to air?

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