Level 1 1) When trying to get an object to start moving, the Force...

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Level 1 1) When trying to get an object to start moving, the Force of friction acting on it is (pick one) Static Kinetic 2) When trying to keep an object moving. the Force of friction acting on it is (pick one) Static Kinetic 3) To change the coefficient of friction(mu) you would need to change which of the following Mass Weight Surface area Surface material 4) As the coefficient of friction (mu) increases. the Force of Friction would: Increase Decrease Stay constant 5) Which value for the coefficient of friction is larger: Static Kinetic Level 2 1) A box weighing 300 N is pulled at a constant speed across a level surface by an applied force of 60 N. Draw the FBD. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction G U E S S 2) An 45 kg Amazon box is pushed horizontally on a level surface with a coefficient of kinetic friction of .85. Draw the FBD. Calculate the value of the applied force. G U E S S 3) If the object below started at rest. what would the acceleration be? m=10kg Fa = 80 N Coefficient of static Friction = .6 4) Mrs. Thakur applies a 36 N horizontal force on a 52 N sled as it travels across a level snow packed surface at a constant velocity. Draw the FBD What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the snow? U E S S 5) A 500 N kid slides to a stop on a horizontal surface that has a coefficient of friction (mu) of 4. Draw the FBD. b) What is the Force of kinetic friction acting on the kid? U E G S S Level 3 1) A 5D kg crate is pulled horizontally along a flat concrete floor. The static coefficient of friction is 30 while the kinetic coefficient of friction is 10. What is the Normal force on the sled? G U E S S b) What the value of the minimum Force needed to start the sled moving? G U E S S c) What is the value of the Force needed to keep the sled moving at a constant velocity? G U E S S d) While the sled is moving, defermine how large the Applied force must be to cause an acceleration of 3 m/s/s. G u E S a 2) A 100N force is applied to a 50kg crate resting on a level floor. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.15. a) Draw the FBD. b) What is the acceleration of the crate? G U E S 8 c) In the situation described above let the coefficient of static friction, us be 0.25. Is the 100N force sufficient to cause the crote to accelerate? G U E 8 S d) Explain why or why not.

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1. Static
2. Kinetic
3. Surface material
4. Increase...

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