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Review these facts about Magnets: Magnetism is caused by the electrons of ferromagnetic materials spinning in the same direction. Ferromagnetic materials include iron, nickel, and cobalt. Magnetic force is strongest at the poles (North and South poles) a. Magnetic Fields: Region surrounding magnet where magnetic forces are applied to other magnetic materials Magnetic field lines form loops surrounding the magnet. They go out of the north pole and into the south pole. They are defined by the direction the north pole of compass points Magnetic field lines NEVER overlap. Field is strongest where lines are most dense (flux density). Remember that for maximum Magnetic Force, or charge must be perpendicular to the magnetic field Part 1: Constructed Response Please answer the following questions directly on this sheet I. Draw 11 magnetic field lines around and between the two magnets SHOW DIRECTION! N S N S II. On the diagram of bar magnet. draw minimum of four field lines show the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field the region surrounding the bar magnet S Magnet N Part 2: Circle the letter answers for the following multiple choice questions 1. Compass The diagram shows compass placer near the north pole, N. of a bar magnet. Which diagram below best represents position needle compass as responds the magnetic field of the bar magnet? s N D 2. Which diagram correctly shows magnetic configuration? S N is so D : Two bar magnets of equal strength are positioned as shown in the diagram which point is the magnetic flux density due : s : to the two magnets the greatest? : :- C.C D.D In the diagram steel paper clips and/ are attached to : string which attached to table The clips remain suspended beneath magnet Which diagram below best represents induced polarity of the paper clips? s D 5. The diagram below shows bar magnet . Which arrow best represents the direction of the needle of compass placed point N 6. Magnetic fields are produced by particles that are A. moving and charged B. moving and neutral C. stationary and charged D. stationary and neutral

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