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Interstate 285 is commonly referred to as the perimeter because encircles the city of Atlanta. The loop of interstate is 63.98 miles in length, and consist of the interloop (traffic flows clockwise) and the Outerloop (traffic flows counterclockwise). Let's assume that I 285 is a perfect circle and each highway lane is 12.0 feet. The median separating the inner and outer loop is 10.5 feet, and both the inner and outer shoulders(in both directions) or 12.0 feet. Since the number of highway lanes on i285 varies from 8 to 14, let his office in an average of 11.0 highway lanes spanning the inner and outer loop combined. 4.14 inches of snow falls over the Metro Atlanta area (completely paralyzing it), and overnight the temperature falls to 27.7°F. How much heat will be required to completely melt in evaporate all the snow on i285? Assume the density of the snow is .600 g/ml.

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The Interstate 285 Highway

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