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You need to mention the purpose of the experiment. Which rule(theory) is expected to be verified (observed) and which parameters are going to be measured in the experiment? This part should contain at most 6 sentences.
Introduction (Theory Part)
You need to explain the idea/theory/law that will be tested in the experiment. This part will even contain the formulas when it is necessary. All the formulas should not be listed. Each formula should be given when it is necessary. You can use information from the manuals that we are going to distribute to you and also from the web as long as you give the reference. As well as the hard copy we will ask you to email the editable version of the reports to your assistants. Therefore, please do not copy directly from Wikipedia. Try to explain the phenomena so clear that everyone can use your reports as a reference manual. When you are explaining the phenomena, think about the possible experimental design to test the idea. Focus on the parameters that are going to be measured in the experiment. Mention the known parameters and unknownparameters in the formula that will be tested.
In this part you need to give very brief information about the experimental set-up. More details will be asked to you in the second part of the report.

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