1 - 1) Evaluate for V = 10-2c; b) V = 0.9998c. 2) As measured a ...

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1 - 1) Evaluate for V = 10-2c; b) V = 0.9998c. 2) As measured a at x = 100 the by S flashbulb goes off km, y = 10 km, coordinates x', at -0.8c along the y', Z', common and t' of x/x' this axis? event as determined by a second Z= 1 km observer, at t = 5 x 10-4 s. What are 3) fast must an observer moving relative Observer to S S notes that two S' be events are separated in space and time by 600 S', moving relative 4) How fast a go for its 5) A meter stick does length to be contracted to 99% simultaneous of to S'? rocket ship have to to S in order that the events be m and 8 X 10.7 S. How meter stick makes an angle 45° with respect to the X axis of S? makes an angle of of 30° with respect to the x' axis of S'. What must the its rest value length? of V if the 6) The average lifetime u-mesons a of average lifetime of -mesons in a system in which they are at rest. of with speed 0.95c is measured to be 6 X 10-6 S. Compute the 7) Pions have a X beam half-life of 1.8 10-8 s A pion leaves a particle accelerator at a speed of 0.8c. At what is the expected distance over which half of the pions should decay classically? Relativistically? 8) Rocket A travels to the right and rocket B travels to the left, with speeds of 0.8c and 0.6c, respectively relative to the Earth. What is the velocity of rocket A measured from rocket B? 9) Consider a radioactive nucleus that moves with a constant speed of 0.5c relative to the laboratory. The nucleus decays and emits an electron with a speed of 0.8c relative to the nucleus along the direction of motion. Find the velocity of the electron in the laboratory frame. 10) Suppose the Doppler shift in wavelength of the sodium D2 line (589.0 nm) is 10 nm when the light is observed from a distant star, Determine the star's velocity of recession.

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