1. You throw a baseball at an initial velocity of 35 m/s at an angle of 240 from the horizontal until it hits the ground.
a) what is the time that it is in the air,
b) how high goes it go vertically,
c) how far does it go horizontally
d) what is its v(x), (y and v(total) when it hits the ground,
e) what other angles could you throw it at the SAME initial velocity to get it to the SAME distance
f) what is the time it takes to go that distance in part e, and
g) how high goes it go in part e.
5. DERIVE the fact that for counterclockwise motion in a CIRCLE of radius R at velocity V the ACCELERATION vector is:
a) directed toward the center of the circle
b) has magnitude V²/R
(HINT(S) below, but you can do this without them!)
Start with an initial velocity vector Vi, at 0 = 0, that is, at the EAST most part of the circle. Then draw a vector Vf, at some SMALL 0 just a little bit away. Determine the X and y components of Vi and Vf.
From those X and y components, determine AV = Vf - Vi.
What is the distance moved in time At in terms of R,V, and 0?
Find the acceleration (which is a VECTOR!) from a = AV/At.
From the X and y components of a find the DIRECTION of a (answer to part a)
From the magnitude of a find the magnitude of the acceleration (answer to part b).

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