Design a Si PN junction to have an internal barrier potential, Vbi of 0.75 V, with the requirement that the N region is 100 times more heavily doped than the P region. What do you call this type of junction?
What is the maximum electrical field in the junction? And where in the junction does it occur?

A forward-biased PN junction has a current of 2 mA at a bias voltage of 0.52 V. What will be the diode current at a reverse bias voltage of 2 V? Sketch the I vs V plot and indicate these current levels. If Nd = 100 Na, and assuming the minority carrier lifetimes of electrons and hopes are equal and diffusion constant, Dn of electrons is twice that of hole diffusion constant. Dp, calculate the ratio of electron current to hole current.

A NPN BJT is biased in the forward active mode of operation with VBE = 0.7 V and VCB = 3 V. The internal barrier potentials of both junctions = 0.75 V. Sketch the energy band diagram and clearly indicate the relative locations of Fermi levels in the three regions of emitter, base and collector and the magnitudes of bends in the enery band diagram at the junctions. If the reverse saturation current of EB junction, Is = 10¯¹⁴ A and α = 0.97, calculate emitter, base and collector currents.

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