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Project Task Overview: Your project task is to conduct a thermodynamic analysis of the Solar Turbines Mercury 50 packaged gas-turbine engine electric generator station. The manufacturer specifications are provided, and will be used to guide the thermodynamic analysis. (a) (b) Figure 1: Solar turbines Mercury 50 Gas-Turbine Packaged Electric Generator Skid (a) and Gas-Turbine Cut-Away (b). Task #1-Gather System Data: Read the manufacturer’s brochure, then locate and record the following system parameters: a) nominal inlet air flow rate (lbm/sec) temperature (°F) and pressure (psia), b) compression ratio (this is actually ‘pressure ratio’, rp), c) nominal electric power output (kW-electric or kWe), d) exhaust temperature (°F), e) after locating system data, convert inlet flow rate, temperature, pressure to kg/s, K, kPa. Also convert exhaust temperature to K. Task #2-Benchmark Firing Temperature: Assume that the Mercury 50 operates on an non-ideal regenerative Brayton cycle where the efficiencies of turbine, compressor are 85%, and the regenerator 0% (no heat transfer). Model the working fluid as air having constant mass flow rate, and as an ideal gas with variable specific heat (Table A-22). For this system determine a) the thermal efficiency (%), b) net power electric power produced (kWe) for assumed firing temperatures of 1000K and 1600K. These two assumed temperatures should result in power output that bounds (above and below) the actual system power output. Task #3-Converge the Implicit Problem: Repeat the cycle analysis of Task #2, but adjust the firing temperature so that system power output is 4.6 MWe ± 100 kW (4.59 to 4.61 MWe), and assume the regenerator effectiveness is 85%. Once the firing temperature is determined, report: Mercury 50 Gas Turbine for Generator Applications Caterpillar is a registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc. Solar and Taurus are trademarks of Solar Turbines Incorporated © 2007 Solar Turbines Incorporated. All rights reserved. CUTM50/207/2M • Net Electric Power (kWe) • Thermal Efficiency (%) • Heat Rate (Btu/kW-hr) • Firing Temperature (K) • Exhaust Temperature (K) • Mass Flow Rate (kg/s) Deliverable: submit a one page technical memo (typed), with the supporting calculations attached as separate pages. The calculations may be handwritten, but should be clear and organized in manner of homework solutions. The memo should include: 1. Use a memo header and state brief summary of the project. The summary should address main results of the analysis, and comparison to manufacturers specifications. If possible, explain any differences. 2. A simple schematic of the system and T-s diagram. Use consistent numbering for the locations on schematic and T-s diagram. 3. A summary table state table listing results from Task #3

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