1.Based on the findings of the study by Rosenhan et. al, together with other ideas about "normal" and "abnormal" please describe the ways in which the mentally ill are perceived in today's society.
2.How might we approach the diagnoses and treatment of the mentally ill that would lead to better detection and intervention models?
3.What are some of the barriers to successful identification and treatment and how might these be broken down?

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‘’Mad or well-advised?’’ Shakespeare questioned in the Comedy of Errors. But to question the ideas and views about normality and abnormality is not a way of trying to justify deviant behaviors or misdeeds. It is an effort to showcase that diagnoses between the two might be less much more questionable then it is believed.
It seems easy. There is normal and abnormal on the other side. However, the subject is not as simple as it appears at the first glimpse. Normal is a matter of place and time as well as mental state and action. Hence, behaviors must be interpreted in a context. If the abnormal behavior is the one that is different to the usual, should there be a diagnosis for both extremely depressed and very happy people?
The American Psychiatric Association characterizes abnormal behavior as "behavior that leads to distress (pain), disability (impaired functioning), or an increased risk of death, pain, or loss of freedom."...
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