1) Identify and describe the four main characteristics present in most substance use disorders.
2) Imagine you are a therapist and you are treating a patient with a borderline personality disorder. Describe the person's behaviors and problems, which must reflect borderline features/symptoms. Explain what treatment approach(s) you will use.
3) You are treating a child with ADHD. First define and explain what attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is. Create a case brief case study of a 4th grader who is having problems in school. Describe symptoms and features of ADHD and explain what treatment(s) approach you will use to treat your client.
4) All practitioners in the mental health profession are bound by ethical standards when treating patients. Imagine you are a therapist and you are seeing a patient who has disclosed many personal information. Create a case study to illustrate how you will apply ethical principles such as confidentiality, record keeping, therapist-client boundaries, Bill of rights, rights to treatment, consent to treatment, termination of therapy and etc.

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Question 1
Dependence on drugs involves physical, physiological, spiritual, and psychiatric damages in the drug-dependent individuals. Dependence on drugs is a disease that gradually makes the health of the substance abusers gradually deteriorate to the point where their physical and cognitive ability is impaired. Substance abusers display similar characteristics that should be the indicating factors that the drugs have taken hold of the individual. Further, these indicators should suggest that appropriate rehabilitative measures should be explored before the problem escalates.
Substance abusers display a high degree of irritability that can result to physical altercation if the persons close to the individual who abuses drugs do not realize it in time. They are unable to cope with the various changes in their lives and desire to have a degree of autonomy that is not present. When the desire to be left on their own is not met with the indifference that they would like, they display irritability.
Substance abusers are manipulative and desire to show the world that they are under control of...

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