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Conduct fieldwork on childhood language development, and then write a 1500-2000 word report on the settings/contexts, theoretical motivations, findings, and experiences of your fieldwork.

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In order for my—ultimately limited—findings and experiences to be properly interpretable, it is necessary that the settings and contexts in which I made observations be fully described. I attempted to conduct fieldwork in three settings. The primary setting, where I was able to spend the most time, was a private kindergarten/elementary school. A family contact was able to arrange for me to work there as a volunteer for two afternoons, ostensibly to help a Grade 1 teacher wrap up the school day, and in part toward attempting to bring a little order to the often—for all involved—stressful rush of young students meeting up with parents/guardians there to pick them up. I say ‘ostensibly’ because, while I did indeed try to help, it was understood I was there to collect data and that, over just two afternoons, it was unlikely I would be able to offer much in the way of meaningful assistance. The second fieldwork setting was at the beginning and end of two sessions of private English classes offered by my family contact to some students from the same school; as with the school setting, the aim was to observe parent-child interactions during these times...

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