1 - What is your earliest childhood memory and why do you remember it?
2 - What event or memory do you think of as summarizing your own childhood?
3 - At what age did your childhood end and what event?
4 - Do you think childhood has been getting shorter or longer since you became an adult?

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1- What is your earliest childhood memory and why do you remember it?

I do not have one single early childhood memory but rather a collection of memories from the time when I was eight to twelve years old. I remember how I used to stay at my grandmother’s place over the summer and meet all of my cousins there. We would go out and do some things that we thought were very interesting like throwing water balloons at each other or playing hide and seek. We would always ensure that we engaged in some adventure even though these could often get us in trouble. We often plaid detective games where we would hide an object and then the other kids would search for clues and try to solve the mystery. However, we always knew that my grandmother would protect us from our parent’s potential punishments so we would always make sure that we make each of our small games as fun as possible....

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