Jean Piaget

For your first journal you will be researching the key stage theorist in child development. You will need to research his life and theory, and then write a 2-3 page paper that discusses the key events in his life that you feel contributed to the development of his theory. Make sure to specifically discuss what aspects of his theory is related the events discussed.

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Child development is a topic of long-standing interest. As such, prominent people have created elucidating theories throughout history, but Jean Piaget remains among the seminal works. Just like other mainstream theorists, Piaget developed his child development theory under the influence of key life events. Apparently, this is the key issue that this paper will attempt to demonstrate. The study will address Piaget’s life and the context of his theory, thereby finding the primary common grounds.
Jean Piaget’s life
Jean Piaget was born in 1986 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. According to Boeree (2006), Piaget was, to a large extent, independent and tended to take an interest in nature at a very young age. His parents knew him...

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