Nature vs Nurture – Are Boys Really Better at Math?
For decades it has been accepted that boys are naturally better at math than girls. However as we come to better understand nature and nurture along with today's advanced brain scanning instruments this assumption is being challenged by many in the academic community. What do you think – is this gender difference because of nature, nurture, or a combination of the two.
Before entering into this discussion conduct a web search with the following terms: gender AND mathematics.
In this week’s discussion, based on what you found in your research, answer the following questions:
- Are the gender differences in mathematics because of nature, nurture, or a combination of the two? (Make sure to support your conclusion with your research)
- What have been the effects of this unchallenged assumption?
- Can anything be done to equalize gender performance in mathematics? If so what strategy do you propose.

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The debate concerning the role of nature vs. nurture has always dominated the concern whether men demonstrate a higher aptitude than women when it comes to the performance of mental tasks. The society is full of gender stereotypes especially on STEM subjects such as mathematics. The question is whether the...

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