This assignment is on Representations of Criminality & Authority.
Article: Theme of the Traitor and the Hero by JORGE LUIS BORGES
All you have to do is write a response paper of 400-500 words.
In the short response paper you will have to present your own perspective on the material in relation with the main topic of the course: representations of criminality and authority. You also can present questions that problematize the material. It is important that you support your answers or observations with evidence from the text/film/series. Be specific, demonstrate that you have covered the material.

The response papers must discuss the following issues:
1.How the notion of crime is represented in the text or film.
2.Are the boundaries between the criminal, the authority, and the victim clear or they are frequently blurred?
3.What is the point of view of the narrative? Who is telling the story? This point of view has any influence on the representation of the criminal, the authority or the victim?
4.What is the role of the institutions (mostly, the State or Corporations) in these dynamics.
5.How the discourses about class, gender, ethnicity, Globalization and Economics shape these representations.
6.Include a brief analysis of at least one concrete textual citations (or one scene) of the assignments.
7.The last line of your response paper must include one question for discussion. It should be a question that problematize the vision of crime presented in the assignment

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In the narrative, the notion of crime is represented through a fictional story where the principal investigator called Ryan follows the historical clues in his attempt to demystify the murder of his ancestor Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick’s murder is an “instrument for country’s emancipation” that should catalyze the rebellion. However, this crime is not real because it only takes place in the writer’s head. It is a product the writer’s imagination. Its notion...

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