Describe the development of children from conception through adolescence in the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains.The CBS video "Born Good" discusses many new research findings on the moral development (social/emotional) of young children. Choose one of the many concepts (some very controversial) to discuss. Connect the video to 2 different concepts discussed in our module content or if you additional reputable sources to use IN ADDITION you may bring those in as well.

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It is generally accepted in the developmental literature that infancy and childhood entail a lot of interdependency between caregivers and children. Therefore, the social, emotional and cognitive development of children unfolds in an interpersonal context. Newborns appear to attend more to social information such as stimuli that resemble faces in their environments (Johnson et al., 2009). Infants (as young as 3 months old) have also been shown to discriminate familiar adults (Barrera & Mauer, 1990). The social interdependency established during infancy and early childhood between close caregivers and infants paves the way for interdependent practices that lie at the core of later emotional habits.
Infants develop the ability to respond to and engage with adult caregivers through interactions in close relationships. At birth, infants exhibit two main emotional responses including attraction to pleasant situations that bring comfort, and withdrawal from unpleasant stimulation, such as bitter flavours. At around two months, infants show social engagement in the form of social smiling as they respond with smiles to those who engage their positive attention (Lavelli & Fogel, 2005). Children then use and...

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