You must locate three (3) current (last ten years) peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to your topic; substance abuse (alcohol) on middle aged children (ages 7-12).

• You must focus on references that pertain directly to your scholar work, such as academic journal articles or academic books that have chapters directly related to theoretical or empirical work. Note also that entire books may not be used for an annotation.
• You should not use any textbooks as a reference, or use information from websites that do not come from scholarly source (e.g. an academic journal).


1. Article Summary: Summarize in your own words (do not simply reword the abstract) one of your articles by providing a brief introduction, methods, results, and discussion (you should separate your paper into these sections).
2. Annotated Bibliography: For the remaining two sources, you will write an annotated bibliography, which is a paragraph or two in your own words (do not simply reword the abstract) summarizing each reference and will also explain how each source was relevant to your research topic (substance abuse of alcohol on middle aged children years 7-12).

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This paper seeks to analyze the article by Donovan & Molina (2011). Their article seeks to analyze the factors that lead to early childhood drinking amongst children. They have identified a host of factors that can lead to early drinking such as poor performance in academics, having a fight and drinking after that fight, delinquent behavior, etc. They cited the results of large-scale epidemiologic surveys based on alcohol usage and found that alcohol use was seen to be rare and less frequent amongst children aged 12 years or less. They stated that personality, behavioral and social environment factors contributed to the early drinking amongst children. The Problem Behavior Theory offers insights into early drinking as it considers the integrative effect of all these 3 forces...
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