A Summary of a Forensic Psychology Article: Suicide Risk Assessment and Risk Formulation (600 words)

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Write a 1-2 page assignment
Briefly summarize the article: Silverman, M. M., & Berman, A. L. (2014). Suicide Risk Assessment and Risk Formulation Part I: A Focus on Suicide Ideation in Assessing Suicide Risk. Suicide Life Threat Behave Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 44(4), 420-431.
Be sure to include the data and results of the study that you think are applicable to clinical forensic settings.
Explain how a forensic psychology professional might apply the information in this research study to a clinical forensic setting, and in what circumstances, including but not limited to situations in which a forensic psychology professional must conduct an evaluation of a patient for his or her potential suicide risk and/or potential involuntary hospitalization. Be specific.

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Some studies reported that health care providers have significant opportunities to identify individuals at-risk of suicidal self-directed violence (Schmitz et al., 2012; Schulberg, Bruce,
Lee, Williams, & Dietrich, 2004). The main procedure used to determine this is called the suicide risk assessment (SRA). Its results are used to calculate suicide risk formulation (SRF) which evaluates a level of suicide risk...

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