Complete brief description of the study Hogan, N., Barton-Bellessa, S., & Lambert, E. (2015). Forced to Change: Staff and Inmate Perceptions of Involuntary Treatment and its Effects.
Then, explain the parts of this study that you believe might be important for forensic psychology professionals working in correctional settings and explain how a forensic psychology professional might use the results of the study in a correctional setting.

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The effectiveness of involuntary behavior modifications programs is a subject of many discussions. Different studies reported different conclusion. Recent empirical evidence suggests that behavior modifications programs have both prosocial and cost-effective benefits. However, there is no common consensus on whether these treatment should occur voluntarily or involuntarily. Correctional institutions support the idea of combining imprisonment and rehabilitation. Institutional offenders may or may not recognize their individual problems which, along with motivation, affects their willingness to participate in motivational enhancement strategies....

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