- Assignment is 1-2 pages in APA format.
- Briefly summarize the attached article
- Explain how the potential for violence was assessed and the important data, results, and “key takeaways” from the study.
- Explain how a forensic psychology professional might use the results from this study in a correctional setting.

The article is:
Eke, A. W., Hilton, Z. N., Harris, G. T., Rice, M. E., & Houghton, R. E. (2011, January 15). Research on Family Violence Described by A.W. Eke and Colleagues. Psychology & Psychiatry Journal, 2011(26), 211-216.

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There are multiple factors that affect intimate partner homicide (IPH) rate. These include marital status, previous treats made to the victim, children, the age difference, etc. IPH offenders show signs of mental disorders (Belfrage and Rying, 2004) and antisocial behavior (Campbell et al. 2003; Dixon et al., 2008, etc.). Additionally, they are likely to repeat assault in cases when a history of domestic and nondomestic assault is noticed along with general antisociality, substance abuse, and the victim’s predictions of future violence (Cattaneo and Goodman, 2005; Hilton and Harris, 2005, etc.)....

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