- Describe how you might assess an inmate for suicidality.
- Analyze the differences of assessing suicidality of those who are incarcerated as compared those who are not.
- Describe recommendations you might provide to correctional staff regarding an inmate you believe is suicidal, in order to help reduce the risk of the inmate attempting suicide.
- Describe any potential pitfalls in determining if an inmate is suicidal.

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Preventing Suicide in Correctional Facilities

In America, the suicide rate in recollection is high and has been on the rise when compared to the free society (Konrad, 2007). Psychological and physiological environments are the leading factors contributing to the suicidal trends in incarceration facilities. Following the need to ensure secure and stable rehabilitation, the government and correction facilities have engaged in in-depth studies to identify the specific factors leading to the increased suicide index and develop counter actions. One of the most applicable processes is the use of regular psychological check on the inmates to identify their mental stability and their ability to cope with the prison conditions. The majority of suicidal prisoners have sentenced inmates with an average of 4-5 years in the...

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