Answer the following questions:

1. Do you think all of media exposure to actual and fictional violence has made us more aware of the issues or has turned family violence into an everyday occurrence that has made us immune to the real tragedy involved? Why or why not?
2. Barnett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin identify nine common myths regarding family violence. Why do you think these myths exist?
Consider the following statement: “We as a society are responsible for family violence. We have created it and allow it to continue.”
3. Do the theories of family violence described by Barnett, Miller-Perrin & Perrin support or refute this supposition? Why or why not?

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Personally, I believe that there has always been some sort of violence in both the media and in movies or other fictional things. I believe it has made us more aware of things to a certain degree, such as domestic violence and child abuse, but also believe it has desensitized us to the issues as well. When we see things portrayed in the movies and on television, we think, “that is horrible! Someone should do something!”…. yet, in reality, how many people ever really DO SOMETHING? I believe there is too much violence in movies and even in the evening news. Due to the fact we have become desensitized to this, we allow ourselves to be exposed to more violence and even more violence. Because of this, some people believe it is ok to react to situations like characters in the movies or other fictional stories react. That is not to say shooting up a school is due to violence that someone saw in a movie. It simply means, in my opinion, that we are around this type of violence every day whether it is in the media or fictional stories. We can choose not to watch, but then we do not know what is happening in society when the media is concerned....
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