In counseling, a supervisor is responsible for monitoring the welfare of the client and enhancing the functioning of the professional. He or she also supports a supervisor who is a novice mental health counselor in processing his or her experiences with the client. A supervisor takes on various roles and applies an array of counseling and consultation skills to achieve these goals.

It is important for mental health counselors to develop supervisory skills since it is likely that most mental health counselors will be asked to supervise a new counselor at some point in their careers. One of the ways you, as a graduate student and a future mental health counselor, develop supervisory skills is utilizing the discrimination model of supervision.

You need to examine the discrimination model of supervision and apply it to a case study.

To prepare for this work:

Read Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations, and the similar articles, focusing on the discrimination model of supervision. Think about the supervisory skills found in the discrimination model and how they are relevant to the supervisor’s role. Read the “Supervision Case Study’ document located in the Learning Resources. Think about how, in each of the supervisory roles of the discrimination model, you would approach the supervisor, Michael. Reflect on the supervisory skills that would be most relevant to each supervisory role for this case.

Explain how you would apply each of the supervisory roles in your approach with Michael, the supervisor n the case study. For each supervisor role in the discrimination model, describe one skill that is most relevant to the role and justify your response. Explain the supervisor’s role and skill set as explained in the discrimination model of supervision. Be specific to the case and provide examples.

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Supervision and the Discrimination Model
The process of supervision involves a professional person helping individuals with less experience in their professional career by facilitating the development of therapeutic competence. Supervision includes the provision of more experienced mentors to train the learning individual through encouraging them in numerous challenges and the necessary training they need in the development of their professionalism(Young & Basham, 2014). During supervision, the supervisor is encouraged to use the discrimination model. For example, the case of Michael, who is faced with the challenge of meeting the boyfriend of a client so that he can help her through the relationship. The supervisor will be required to use skills in the model to advice Michael on how to go through this situation....
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