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Site Visit Paper: You will be asked to visit and analyze counseling at an elementary,
middle or secondary school; mental health agency; or college.

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I interviewed a 45 years old Jamaican who works at the NYS Office of Mental Health (NYS OMH). The professional is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). For this submission, I will refer to the interviewee as John (pseudonym). One of the questions I asked John was the reason he decided to enter the LMSW profession. John claimed that his aunt inspired him to become an LMSW. He claimed that the aunt was a nurse in Jamaica and had a predisposition to help the less fortunate. Nevertheless, John claimed that he was also compelled to enter the LMSW field, as it was his long-term desire to promote better coexistence between people from different cultural groups.
The other question asked was the education that John obtained en route to becoming an LMSW. He told me that he has a Master’s of Social Work degree, which he earned from the Hunter School of Social work. He enrolled for the degree in 2011 and graduated in 2013. Next, I asked John about the theoretical orientation of the LMSW profession. He identified that his work has several theoretical orientations. John named these as nature and source of knowledge, belief, and assumption preferences, group issues, themes, and appeals to the group as a whole, nature of learning, desired outcomes, the role of the LMSW, and methodological preferences.
The next question covered John’s job roles and functions as defined by the profession. The respondent indicated...

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