After reading the Henry Goddard article, please write a multiparagraph essay, (with an introduction and a concluding paragraph) that covers the following points:

- Content summary of the article
- What type of research methods did he use (experimental/correlational/descriptive)? Defend your answer with details from the article.
- What type of data collection technique did he use? Defend your answer with details from the article.
- Goddard was attempting to show that your genetic makeup CAUSES you to be a moron.
Tell me WHY Goddard was unsuccessful in showing that genes CAUSE intellect? Give me at least one alternative explanation for his findings.

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The online article by Dakwa, Esping, and Plucker reviewing the career of Henry Goddard explains the main ideas he espoused early in his career but which he ultimately recanted towards the end. The most global assertion of his early career suggested that intelligence was inherited genetically, with no environmental influences. This belief received considerable support and led to considerable societal changes.
The general content of the article focuses mostly on Goddard’s examination of deficits in cognitive functioning, which he termed “feeble-mindedness” and he frequently referred to those with such feeble-mindedness as “morons”....

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