Article review: Nun study Alzheimer's how one scientist and 678 sister are helping unlock the secrets of Alzheimer. By Micheal D Lemonick and Alice Park Mankato.
1. State the main idea
2. List 3 important fact that the author use to support the main idea.
3. What is the conclusion? Do you agree or disagree?why?
4. One page of fact summary. All together is 2 pages with double-spaced

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Article Review
This is an article about a longitudinal study carried out on 678 elderly sisters residing at the school of sisters at Notre Dame in Mankato, Minnesota. The study follows the aging sisters’ physical and cognitive functions, activity levels, overall well-being, as well as their medical and convent records. The study aims to examine the causes and prevention of physical and mental disability related to old age and Alzheimer’s disease. The central idea...
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