Question 1-
While we can debate violence as either genetic or environmental, the consensus seems to be that it is a combination of both. Do you think attributes of genetics or the environment contribute the most to expressions of violence?

Question 2-
Locate a recent (past three years) violent crime case from the news or other information source that has some aspects that could be explained using the Homicide Adaption Theory (HAT). How would HAT apply?

Question 3-
Discuss psychodynamic theory and its acceptance clinically today? How about its utility to profiling?

Question 4-
Which sociological theory do you believe offers the most utility to profiling violence? Explain the connection to violence. Explain why you think it is the best sociological theory.

Question 5-
In your opinion, which genetic or biological theory related to crime or violence has the most utility for profiling violence? Explain the theory and its connection to violence. State why you think it is the best genetic or biological theory.

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The debate over genetics and environment is an argument which has been entertained through the lens of the social, behavioral and biological sciences for many years. It is my take as evidenced by the review of literature that the argument of genetics versus environment also known as nature versus nurture will never come to a consensus, because the dynamics of human behavior and interaction is so complex that the reality of all manifestations and human interactions are integrated in nature (Darley and Gross, 2000). Both genetics and environment are ...
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