What do you think explains why sexual orientation was the last ground of discrimination to be added to human rights laws? What issues remain to be worked on in this area? -
The paper most be between 2000-2500 words. MLA FORMAT with referencing and citation. You should use the provided reading but also your own research. Make sure that you avoid mere description. I need your analysis i.e. the expression of your views backed up with fact-based reasoning.

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(1) When it comes to the topic of “human rights” Canada is more advanced than most of the civilized world. In the face of such a reality, what would the explanation be to explain why “sexual orientation” was one of the last grounds of discrimination to be added to human rights laws and legislation in Canada? (1) The denotation of the term human rights would be the basic rights inherent to all citizens of a given place and location simply because they are human and entitled because of this reality alone. This definition has value within itself and needs no other variables to uphold or sustain the value bestowed upon each and every human being living within one of the provinces of the great nation of Canada. (4) Some of the rights which would fall under the categorical tenets of such a term are as follows, but are not limited to: equality, freedom, self-determination, employment, respect and happiness. The said tenets are very important, especially from the commonwealth in which one lives. With such breadth and depth in the scope of the term human rights, the issue of sexuality and/or orientation is not explicitly addressed in most of the earlier Canadian documents or related legislation. (1) Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations have grown exponentially throughout Canada as well as internationally, but related human rights, specific to “sexual orientation” is another story. In the close review and examination of the literature it is clear that Canada is very friendly to the said population, however the human rights legislation has not been commensurate with the numerical growth of Canada’s LBGT population. (3) In the close review and analysis of the historical underpinnings, it is clear that Canada has not always been this way as during the British North American Era, same-sex sexual activity between two men was a capital crime which...
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