Observation paper...5 pages, double spaced, MLA


1. Observe for at least one hour. Non-interactive, observing only. You cannot be at work or school, do not observe your family members.

2. Be conscious of any bias that you have, or that may surface during your observation. Describe these biases and how they impacted you.

3. The observation needs to be mostly objective vs subjective. An example of this is: stating someone was angry, what lead you to that finding? Were their fists clenched, face red, was their voice elevated? Support any statements that you make.

4. If you make any subjective statements, address how your opinions come into play.

5. Use guidelines of critical thinking in your observation.

6. Be aware of any somatic responses (sweating, shaking, twitching, etc.) from the subject or yourself.

7. Do you have any expectations or preconceived ideas prior to doing this observation.

8. Write a summary of your experience. What were the primary things that you learned about yourself or others? Will this impact your awareness of others in a variety of situations? Summarize any discoveries that you made.

I am just still not bouncing back from being in the hospital.. I have been having so many tests to see what is causing the chest pains and high blood pressure!! I started to do this observation in the ER room and found out that the loud mouth slurring his words and looking like a drug addict (dirty, out dated clothes, messy hair, bug eyes) yelling that is mother in law needed lunch NOW to all of the nursing staff and they had to get it NOW and also bring him some water, irritated me and I wanted to yell at him to shut his mouth and get himself some help... I also got irritated with the nurses that treated the senior citizen lady in the bed caddy corner from me like she was stupid, they would be really short with her, talk condescending to her, then leave and laugh about her with each other where I could hear them. I wanted to say something to them but was scared of how they would then treat me when I was at my weakest and now I feel HORRIBLE about it still that I did not say anything in that poor lady's behalf.

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Recently I spent some time in a hospital emergency room. Waiting to be seen in both the lobby and in the bed provided substantial opportunity to observe the comings and goings of staff, patients, and family and friends.
In the waiting area, it was hard to tell who was the patient and who was the friend or family member with the patient. Most people had at least one, if not two or more, people accompanying them. The family members were often gossiping about other family members, while friends wanted to gossip about other friends.
The only for sure way to determine if someone was a patient or not was to wait until the patient’s name was called to go to registration or triage. Then the patient would look around, say, “Was that my name?” and sometimes struggle to get out of the chair. Most patients walked themselves over to nurse calling their name.
At times the patients’ families and friends interacted with other people. And at times, patients interacted with each other, comparing war stories. One patient, a 60-something year old man with a big belly spilling over his pants started chatting with the 30-something year old couple next to him. The couple asked a couple of polite questions about the man’s health, and then the man started sharing more and more about his work and how he arrived in the ER that day....
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