For this assignment you will write a paper 4 to 5 pages in length, not including its required cover and Reference pages, describing a single personality theory from the course textbook that best explains your own personality and life choices. You are free to select from among the several theories covered in the course to date but only one theory can be used.
Your task is to demonstrate your knowledge of the theory you choose via descriptions in your own words of its key concepts and to use of them to explain how you developed your own personality. It is recommended that you revisit the material covered to date to refresh your knowledge of theory details. This is a midterm assignment and you should show in your work that you have studied and comprehend the first four weeks of course material. Quoting must be kept to a minimum of a brief sentence or two per paper page. If found in greater amounts it will result in point deduction.

Your submission should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides of each page and should be free of spelling and grammar errors. It must include source crediting of any materials used in APA format, including source citations in the paper body and in a Reference list attached to the end.

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Personality Analysis
Existential and personality theories have changed the focus of how psychologists view the causes of behaviour and the impact it has on individuals. Rollo May’s exponential psychology and Carl Roger’s personality-centred theory postulate that rather than concentrating on past experiences that cause the current mentality, it is essential for an individual to concentrate on the present and future experiences (McLeod, 2007). They also emphasise the imperativeness of psychological health, that is, its achievement and maintenance. In this regard, this paper seeks to give an overview of Carl Roger’s personality-centred theory and a personal reflection.
Thesis statement: A personal reflection on the person-centred theory is indispensable to understanding situational behaviour, personality characteristics, and interpersonal relationships.
The person-centred theory takes a humanistic approach to individualism and personality. According to Feist & Feist, the theory assumes that an individual can maintain his or her self-concept and has an instinctive tendency to realise his or her full potential (2009). On the other hand, Boeree states that existential psychology deals with the quintessence of the human nature, how free will drives choices, avoiding the feeling of vagueness, and the realisation of the self (2003). The author realised that the application of both existential psychology and Carl Roger’s personality-centred theory was indispensable to defining personality. For instance, it is...

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