Research paper topic: Psychology - Sleeping and Dreaming.

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An electroencephalogram is a device used to measure the electrical activity in the brain while a person sleeps. During the night an individual enters four stages of sleep that are classified by the different waves that consist in the stage. After the first cycle of sleep an individual returns to the first stage of sleep and continues cycling through the stages again. Upon returning to the first stage REM and muscle tone loss occur. Two proposed theories of sleep include the recuperation theory and the circadian theory. Freud believed that dreams are repressed sexual desires. He believed that dreams contain meaning to psychological problems. In contrast Hobson’s activation-synthesis theory suggests that dreams are the result of the brain making sense of random signals. Hobson believed that what was added to the dream to make it coherent is important in understanding the message of the dream. Researchers Mazzoni, Lombardo, Malvagia & Loftus, (1999) discuss research on the influence of dream interpretation on the recall of false memories....
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