1.Developmental Issues- Discuss the types of selves that, when nurtured, make up a healthy adolescent girl. Explain false selves.
2.Families-Discuss Acceptance and Control. What does the author say about them? Use cases to illustrate.
3.Mothers and Fathers– In at least one separate and distinct paragraph for each, discuss the key mother-daughter and father-daughter dynamics that can emerge in the relationship. What is the typical struggle in the mother-daughter relationship? How do mothers face a double standard of parenting? (What is meant by this?) In what ways can a father help or hurt the development of his adolescent daughter?
4.What are the many ways in which divorce may impact the adolescent girl?
5.Discuss at least 6 skills adolescent girls need to learn according to the author.
6.Discuss at least 6 things that can parents do to help their adolescent girls. According to the reading, what can schools do?
7.Written a while back, this book is now considered a classic. What universal themes discussed in this book do you think resonate today? Discuss one new pressure or issue that has emerged to challenge our adolescent girls today.

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An adolescent girl is a girl who maintains her authentic self from her childhood. In childhood a girl has dreams and goals of what she wants to accomplish when she grows up. She has certain values and beliefs that she feels strong about. A girl who is authentic is aware of the pressures to conform to societies rules but consciously chooses to maintain her values and beliefs. For example, Pipher (1994) discusses a young adolescent girl named Lori who makes conscious choices to maintain her authentic self. One of Lori’s beliefs is that alcohol and drugs are stupid. She maintains this belief in adolescents and has worked out a way to handle peer pressure on the topic. She is still focused on her dreams for her future and her goals. She practices dance and writing just as she did in childhood (Pipher, 2005)...
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