Approaches to Evangelism as Explained in Christianity Rediscovered by Donovan (320 words)

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Donovan examines the context of his missionary work and is deeply critical of ecclesiastical peace corp like ministries, such as running schools or hospitals. Instead he argues for preaching the naked gospel without cultural accretions and pre-evangelistic practices to lure people in. In fact, he suggests following Paul's method of getting in and getting out as quickly as possible to do missionary work, not pastoral work.

What do you think about this distinction between the ecclesiastical peace corp model and naked gospel model, and Donovan's preference for the latter?

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In his book, Christianity discovered, Donavon attempts to integrate the religion with various realities and offer a guide to missionary programs for a maximized efficiency. He argues that, in ministry work, the evangelists must use empirical approaches that are feasible and can offer the targeted objective. As such, when developing ministry programs, churches must consider the economic, cultural, and political realism that directly affect their success (Donavon, 1982). Donavan closely compares and contrasts the Peace Corp ministries approach and the Naked Gospel ministry approach. He strongly holds that the subjective methodology to a population is more dependable when compared to a collective approach....
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