Psychological Rehabilitation from Sports Injuries among Footballers (2000 words)

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Topic Area:
We are concentrating on the critical, interesting and in context topic very area of possibilities of Psychological Rehabilitation from sports injury for soccer players. What is interesting to know is the fact that an average soccer player spends his 70% of official sportsman life being injured in one form or other? That must be surely discouraging and frustrating for him.
In this light it is his physiotherapist that is most close to him and possible source of inspiration and motivation for him (Petrie, 2003). It is with this fact that it has been time and again recommended that instead of appointing and making use of a certified charted psychologist for this therapy a physiotherapist is more ideal approach to take.
Research Question (Findings):
We in this thesis propose to look at “viability of making use of physiotherapist services for intended physiological therapies to treat sports injuries of soccer players”. We in this paper, in the coming sections would be looking at multiple aspects related to same and will also be presenting our thoughts and inputs for same.

Significance to Knowledge:
The proposed work of thesis intends to investigate, document, and explore experiences, views, current state of knowledge of chartered physiotherapists when it comes to question of using psychological interventions during sports injury rehabilitation program.
It is expected that with the additional information and knowledge that we will gain through it would be utilized for development and implementation of psychological interventions and their benefits measured (Relyea, 2002). Let list out the specific dimensions across which the objective of this research and thesis could be divided as follows:
- Investigation at the national level views that professional physiotherapists holds for delivering psychological content
- To inform our self of the preferred methods of delivery that could be implemented for psychological interventions...
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