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*Lots of people nowadays seem to have something going on "mentally" with them. It's fashionable in some places (e.g., Hollywood?) to see a therapist on a regular basis. How would you account for the apparent increase in number of psychological disorders over the past 50 or so years?

*Over the past 5 decades, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from the psychological disorders. Many people in most parts of the world visit a therapist to solve their mental disorders. I would account for the apparent increase in mental disorders nowadays to the environmental factors and the psychological trauma. Many people suffer from trauma caused by sexual abuse, neglect, and loss of close relatives among others. Today, there has been many reported cases of environmental stressors for instance job loss, family issues, failing relationships, and alcohol and drug abuse that causes psychological disorders.

*The rate of increase in the number of individuals with mental disorders is alarming and raising serious concerns in the contemporary society. The apparent increase in these cases in the past fifty years may be attributed to a number of environmental factors. While genetics is also known to play a key role in bringing about mental disorders, I would rule it out since the genetic related cases have remained more or less the same. The nature of the current society is such that parents have shunned their responsibilities to their children leaving them at the hands of nannies and home care services. This is as a result of a society that has become very busy as people advance careers both men and women, leaving their children unattended. The lack of attention during a child’s early upbringing may prove to be detrimental to his or her development hence the resulting increase in the number of psychological disorders. Children no longer grow up with the parental care and attention as the case was in the past when, especially mothers used to stay back at home to take care of them and fend for their needs.

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*I concur with the proposition that majority of individuals nowadays suffer from mental disorders unlike in the past. For the past few years, ten or so, there has been an increase in professional therapists, which is an indication of the increasing demand for their servicers. Subsequent the rise in patients who require professional help, the psychology discipline has undergone major specialization to deal with specific patient’s needs. Some factors are responsible to the high growth in mental patients. To begin with, the social evolution has led to the highly dynamic society where individuals are exposed to psychological vices such as trauma and depression....
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