Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality in Old Age

Sex in older adulthood is a topic that many find uncomfortable. However, sexuality is an important component of life, even in older adulthood. The topic of this discussion is safe sex for seniors. For this assignment, read about STDs & the Elderly and watch Safe Sex for Seniors PSA.

For your post, share your initial reaction to the PSA and then any commentary you may have had with yourself reflective of the course material and content from what you know about older adults and STDs. Then consider the challenges faced by disseminating such a public service announcement. How do you suggest this PSA be distributed to its target population? Include some cultural considerations or discussion points in your initial post. Finally, be sure that your initial post for this discussion includes your overall and final general thoughts about this provocative PSA.

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There are quite a number of negative stereotypes directed towards the older generation, especially when it comes to the sensitive matters such as sex. This discussion, seeks to break the belief or assumption that the older generation does not, or should not engage in sex. For this reason, it is very important that seniors are encouraged to practice safe sex, as they are also susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases just like their younger counterparts.

The elderly just like the younger generation can still, and should continue having consensual sex. It is quite unfortunate that society has deeply misunderstood the fundamentals when it comes to sexual intimacy....

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