Article: Identity and Difference: Age, Disability and Sexuality by Sarag Holloway
Question 1: Summarising key ideas from a reading   
In this question you need to summarise Holloway (2005). What do you think the key points of the article are? Try and organise your ideas in a manner which you will find useful for your future study.      

Question 2: Writing a short answer            
Assessment Question: Using Holloway (2005), discuss the practice of othering in relation to disability, age and/or sexuality.

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Question 1: Summarising key ideas from a reading
Key points in the article:
• Social construction vs. essentialism
o Social constructions are methods that divide classes into a majority group and several Others. Examples of this are heterosexuals (majority) vs. homosexuals (minority); working age adults (majority) vs. senior citizens (minority) vs. children (minority) and physically normal people (majority) vs. the medically disabled (minority)
o Essentialism argues that individuals are as they are due to biology; examples of this include age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, and disability. Essentialists argue that these divisions are appropriate.
• Age
o Working-age adults are the majority and considered the normal group. Therefore they do not receive as much special attention as children or senior citizens
o Children receive the most attention because their experiences are extremely varied
Children in the Western world often have far fewer responsibilities due to greater affluence than their counterparts in the Third World, who are forced to assume adult responsibilities, sometimes from a very early age
Therefore the term “children” is more of a social...

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