- Briefly describe each of the studies in the following articles. Include a description of the results of the studies and the correlational relationship reported.

- Explain the strengths and limitations of using a correlational design in each of the studies.

Article 1: When Fatigue Turns Deadly: The Association Between Fatigue and Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot
Article 2: Violence in the nursing workplace – a descriptive correlational study in a public hospital

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Racial bias in the decision to shoot can be moderated by a number of factors including individual differences and situational factors. The present article aims at exploring fatigue as a moderating factor in the decision to shoot. Given that racial bias in the decision to shoot can be minimized if individuals have sufficient cognitive resources to regulate automatic reactions, the authors examined if the racial bias in the decision to shoot was greater when the participants are fatigued and their cognitive control was potentially compromised. Two studies were conducted – in Study 1 undergraduate participants were experimentally assigned into either depleted or control group. Cognitive depletion was manipulated by Stroop task (Stroop, 1935), which was followed by administration of the first-person shooter task (FPST; Correll et al., 2002). Results suggest that there was evidence of racial bias in both groups, but that racial bias was significantly more pronounced in the depleted group....

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